Indonesian Independence Song

Indonesian Independence Song

Indonesian Independence Song

Wherever we feel we will find many people who like to sing and entertain the quiet atmosphere becomes crowded. It’s the same with the independence song for Indonesia. Everyone who experiences difficulties and misses Indonesia will unintentionally sing the song of Indonesian independence. No matter where they are, every word will make them cry and miss Indonesia.

Many Indonesian musicians sing various types of cool songs. Then what about the song of independence itself? There are many independence songs that we can sing together. From songs by the hero to songs by great musicians.

Giving encouragement

Cdmgaleria – Every word makes us feel the independence that we have achieved. Every strain of song accompanies our steps in fighting for Indonesia. The tone that was so saddened was carried away by the joys and sorrows of being independent. Who doesn’t know the Indonesian independence song? Almost everyone knows the Indonesian independence song.

A song that is always sung during independence ceremonies and ceremonies at school. Remembering the heroes who defended Indonesia. Various kinds of songs that are made can raise our adrenaline to be uplifting and energetic. Maybe some of the people there are still curious about the songwriter of independence.

Song title and songwriter

Let’s join to find out who created the independence song and what the names of the songs are:

Independence Day

The first song is also an obligatory song when remembering independence. The song 17 August 1945 became the song of independence. Created by Husein Mutahar. Officially sung in 1947.

remembering the heroes//independence

Indonesia Raya

The song of independence that we can only hear during the flag ceremony and on Indonesia’s independence day.. The song is a sign of a student who loves his homeland, Indonesia. Music Indonesia Raya began to exist in 1924 when it was still under colonialism. The Indonesian songwriter is W.R SUPRATMAN.

Fly my flag

Being one of the songs of independence that can also make hearts and emotions rise to encourage Indonesia. A song composed by Saridjah Niung in 1947. A song that gives meaning to the independence of flying the flag in the country. To be able to listen to this song only during the August 17 ceremony.

Indonesian Heritage

From Ismail MARZUKI in 1949. Not only one song but Ismail MARZUKI also gave several songs that describe Indonesian independence and the spirit of the fighters in facing the invaders such as Seduction of coconut islands, and Halo-Halo Bandung.


The making of a thanksgiving song began in 1944 made by HUSEIN Mutahar


From SABANG to MERAUKE a song composed by R. SUHARDJO. It symbolizes the integrity of the Indonesian island.


a song that describes the sovereignty of the people. In which all Indonesian citizens will participate in the struggle to defend Indonesia. Made by PROHAR SUDHAMOTO in 1956.

Musicians prepare independence song

There are many more independent songs that we can find in Indonesian songbooks and also on social media. Not only the fighters who made the independence song but Indonesian musicians also made songs for Indonesia such as:
The flag sang by a band made of chocolate. A song made by Sheila on7’s child band called Eross Chandra
Garuda on my chest is sung by NTRL
The band superman is dead popularized the song Be a legend.

Together in love presented by D’MASIV
And there are many more songs of independence that have been present to accompany us all.