An unexpected incident during the ceremony

An unexpected incident during the ceremony

An unexpected incident during the ceremony

An unexpected incident during the ceremony becomes news that shocks many people. Right on Independence Day there are lots of unexpected events for many people. While everyone was paying their respects, they suddenly saw imperfections in welcoming Independence Day.

This also serves as an example for all Paskibraka troops to be more careful and thorough during training. If the error is still in training maybe it won’t be a problem. But there are some mistakes that often occur in flag ceremonies such as:


In the Manokwari area on the island of West Papua, there was an incident that shocked everyone. In 2010 when I was about to raise the flag, the flag turned upside down. The second Indonesian flag with red and white turned upside down certainly disappointed many people. Of course, those of you who saw it were also disappointed and angry right? Cdmgaleria


Entering the NTB area in the Bima area, there was an incident that almost made the ceremony messy and chaotic. Even though this has happened, the troops still continue their activities without having to stop or disrupt the event. There was a flag attendant whose shoe accidentally came off while carrying the red and white flag to the mounting pole. Even though the flag attendants were released, they still kept walking without thinking about the shoes that were off. The event that took place was successfully carried out properly even though they had to not wear shoes.

keep the event going//incident


Many Paskibraka were crying and sad because they had failed to put the red and white flag properly. An unexpected event in North Lampung, the Kotabumi area, had to stop for a moment because the rope used to tie the red and white flag broke.


When you hear the word fall, it will certainly make the hearts of the Paskibraka feel sad and disappointed. The neatly arranged process was nearly damaged by a member nearly falling. Can immediately stand up straight again and get into line. A Paskibraka accidentally stepped on his own foot when the event was starting at the presidential palace.