Canadian flag symbol

Canadian flag symbol

Canadian flag symbol

If you look at the symbol of the Canadian flag, it is very beautiful. A symbol that can help unite the people and become the strongest symbol of the country. The flag is a sign or symbol of every country. With the flag, we will know which countries are visiting and visiting where you live.

Each sport also carries a flag as a sign that they are representing the country. Of course, each flag has a meaning and story in each color and flag motif. If the symbol and type of flag are the same, people will be confused and cannot be distinguished. So that each country is looking for a different symbol with a different color.

There has never been a change in the symbol

Many of you must know that choosing flag symbols and colors is not easy. You have to go through a long struggle to get the right symbol. The Canadian flag has never changed the flag. Substitution of symbols and also several other signs. In the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, the Canadian flag was adopted with the maple leaf symbol. Cdmgaleria

Surely you are curious about the change in the symbol of the Canadian flag? The story starts with the formation of Canada from European associations and styles. In the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seventh it turns out that Canada has used the flag of the British Empire. Then there is an additional symbol that uses the red ensign symbol.

First symbols

This symbol began to be used on Canadian ships in the one thousand eight hundred and nineties. It’s just that a few years earlier the red ensign symbol had been used illegally by several people. A few years later, Canada began to change and follow the development of the world.

King George V gave the royal arms and shield to Canada as the new official symbols. Meanwhile, the red ensign is a sign that is often used by Canada to represent Canada in World War II. After a while, there were several opinions from people who hoped that Canada could have its own national symbol.

Looking for a new symbol
lengthy debates and elections//fluttering

Hearing this, the government tried to find a new symbol that became a sign of Canada. Of course, the change of symbol cannot go fast because there are several people who have different opinions. This is what makes some nations come split into two.

Since the debate there have been some who have proposed a picture of the Canadian flag, namely
Lester B. Pearson’s proposal uses a basic white center maple leaf and two blue stripes
George Stanley, dean of arts, Ontario proposed a white base maple leaf with red stripes
Union Jack and royal banner with the maple leaf in the center

After careful thought and observation, the proposed form of the flag chosen belongs to George Stanley. The maple leaf in the middle with a white base and two red stripes is now the symbol of Canada.