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Canadian Independence

Canadian Independence

Canada became independent in 1867 on July 1. The day all people waited for and celebrated victory. Did you know that July 1 is not only a sign of the independence of Canada but also the birthday or formation of Canada? Canadian Independence

Some say that the tribes that live form the country of Canada. The tribes that occupy the territory of Canada are the Iroquois and Indigenous peoples. After a few years then the formation of colonialism. The Europeans formed a group and entered Canadian territory. The European nation that began to settle was France.


Settlements began to be formed and built when the French started to enter Canada. In addition, people from the Iroquois tribe also provided assistance by managing waterways and forests. To be able to enjoy European goods, the Iroquois apparently used fur as a medium of exchange. The more Europeans who live the more threatened the indigenous tribes. Cdmgaleria

Some say that since the arrival of the Europeans, many places have developed and have continued to create conflict with the indigenous people. Many people are starting to live in Canada. In the middle of the nineteenth century, it turned out that Canada experienced a territorial division, namely the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Still under British rule

The formation of colonies in the territory of Canada makes fear even less. A country that has its own system of government and rules. With the help of the British state, Canada has its own country. Dominion of Canada which is the nickname of Canada which is still under British rule.

formed from a group settled in Canada//Enliven

Having its own rules and government system allows Canada to rise again. it’s just that the main country is still in the UK. Initially, Canada had only four provinces. After some time two more provinces joined Canada. With the existence of these laws, Canada can establish a government and form provinces using the basis of the constitution.

Independent and free from British influence

After a long time, Canada began to seek independence for its own country. An independence that can make the country more independent and independent. In the first world war, it turned out that Canada and several other countries began to look for ways to be recognized and independent. Efforts that continue to be fought for were not wasted – in vain. Canada officially became independent without any protection from the British state.