Can't hold a cell phone

Can’t hold a cell phone

During the training, you are not allowed to hold your cell phone

During training, not holding a cell phone is a significant rule for Paskibraka. Paskibraka is a flag-carrying special force. Before entering the palace grounds and carrying out their duties, Paskibraka members may not hold cell phones. Training in becoming a Paskibraka member. Can’t hold a cell phone.

Many people do not think that being a member of Paskibraka is very difficult. Can’t hold a cell phone during practice. Before they came to the palace to perform the independence ceremony, it turned out that they had already conducted the training. For new members, of course, they will feel surprised and not used to it.

In quarantine

Cdmgaleria – But those of you who have determination can certainly survive during Paskibraka.paskibraka who are still in the area will receive direct training. During the training the trainers will teach and direct the Paskibraka well.

If you think about it normally, the training they undergo is different from training in general. Troops collected from various regions.. The quarantine that is being carried out is not only tightening up the training. But quarantine can also help foster a sense of trust and responsibility.

No time with cell phones

responsibility and confidence.//practice

Every team that has been formed must be able to be compact in every move. This is why quarantine is done. Fatigue due to exercise makes children have to rest quickly and there is no time to look at cell phones anymore. based on observations, almost all Paskibraka never hold a cell phone when they finish training.

They are more focused on training. If someone has a cell phone, then the losers are them. Mobile phones can make a person forget the time. So it could be during practice hours that should be on time even late. Due to someone’s delay in the training, the other Paskibraka become disturbed.

That is why every independence event can be successful and run smoothly without a hitch. With continuous practice and focus, all activities run smoothly without any problems.