Celebrating independence during a pandemic

Celebrating independence during a pandemic

Celebrating independence during a pandemic

Celebrating independence during a pandemic is very different from previous celebrations. Before the pandemic occurred, many people did activities to commemorate the anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. They prepared various types of activities and competitions carefully. Arriving at the event everyone cheered and welcomed the day of victory with a sense of happiness and independence.

In every place, there will be an independence contest. How happy and exciting every event they managed to carry out. But all happiness has been lost since the onset of the pandemic. A virus that managed to come and give many deaths caused the government to make a new regulation.

Inside the house

Cdmgaleria – Regulations that make many citizens unable to move anywhere. The emergence of a pandemic has caused many fatalities that continue to grow continuously. Right at the time of independence, the whole community was not allowed to leave their homes. This makes us unable to celebrate independence.

To be able to remember the heroes and commemorate independence can be done in several ways such as:

decorating the house

Even though we can’t go out to enjoy our independence day, we can do some positive activities such as decorating the house. Because before independence it is better if we shape or decorate it with red and white symbols. It can make us remember the heroes.

salute the flag via live broadcast//watch
Digital competition

After preparing some unique decorations, we can also watch several types of games that talk about independence. Enjoying an independence contest on TV.
Independence movie
As good citizens we must also watch the independence film. Enjoy the struggle of the heroes in fighting over the land of independence.

Wearing red and white

It’s not just adults who welcome independence. But it turns out that the children also welcomed independence. Unable to attend school independence activities, children are advised to do a school video while singing the independence song. Paying respects and staring at the screen.

Live ceremony

The pandemic has brought some activities to a halt so that during ceremonies they can only be watched live. Looking at the flag while saluting the flag,