Countries celebrating independence in August

Countries celebrating independence in August

Countries celebrating independence in August

It turns out that besides Indonesia, which became independent on August 17, there are still several other countries that celebrate independence in August as well. As you know, Indonesia’s independence was on August 17, 1945. The day when independence was announced raised the spirit of Indonesia.

Apart from Indonesia, it turns out that there are still several countries that celebrate Independence Day in August as well. Not much different from Indonesia, an independent country in August also carries out several activities in welcoming its independence day. Of course, you won’t believe that in the same month there are countries celebrating independence.

Country names

Cdmgaleria – For some people who follow world history, of course, they know which countries became independent in August. But for ordinary people, this may surprise and disbelieve them. For those who are still curious, you can see several lists of independent countries in August, namely:

Switzerland became independent on the 1st of August
Benin on August 1st
Jamaica on August 6th
Bolivia the 6th of the eighth month
Singapore = 7 months eight
Ecuador = August 10th
Congo Republic = August 15th
Cote d’lvoire = 7 August
India = 15th August
Afghanistan = 19 months eight
Hungary = 20 – 8
Gabonese = 17 months and eight
Indonesia = 17 August
Ukraine = 24 months eight
Moldova = 27 August
Malaysia = 31 August
Uruguay = 25 months eight
Republic of Kyrgyzstan = 31 eight months
Trinidad and Tobago = 31 August

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Various activities in commemorating independence

This is a list of countries celebrating Independence Day in August. Of course, every independence day in every country will carry out several activities to commemorate it.

Some celebrate independence by holding a parade and singing from the choir. Some decorate their homes with the same colors as their country’s flag. Every country has various ways and activities to commemorate Independence Day.