Countries that recognize Indonesia's independence

Countries that recognize Indonesia’s independence

Countries that recognize Indonesia’s independence

You can know about the country that recognizes Indonesian independence from several historical stories in Indonesia. To get recognition, Indonesia must fulfill several conditions that have been made. These are in the form of:
constitutive elements
and declarative
of these two elements if fulfilled then Indonesia will get recognition of independence. Countries that recognize Indonesia’s independence

Not only that, it must get approval from several countries. Of course, to get an acknowledgment apart from elements, there are several new conditions that they must prepare. After preparing everything, Indonesia’s independence can be recognized by many countries. Of course, all of you, ordinary people, would not think that in order to have Indonesia’s independence recognized, you have to prepare conditions. Cdmgaleria

Countries that recognize Indonesia’s independence are:


Countries that also recognize Indonesia’s independence. Saying the congratulatory expression, a collaboration between countries was established. This makes Indonesia closer to the Lebanese state. Evidence of maintaining relations with establishing the place of the Indonesian embassy.

mutual support//red and white respect


The country congratulated Indonesia on independence when Palestine was not yet independent. Greetings using radio berlin from germany. This is what keeps the spirit of the heroes fluttering and unyielding.

Turkey – Cdmgaleria

A country that continues to progress and is part of a country that congratulates Indonesian independence. This makes Turkey and Indonesia cooperation well formed. Indonesia established a Turkish embassy to maintain its cooperation.


European countries also agree with Indonesia’s independence. Supporting Indonesian independence with the aim of maintaining world peace and also maintaining religious harmony.

Syria was the first country to support Indonesian independence. a country that also once fought with Indonesia against the Netherlands. This is what makes relations between the two countries get along in the form of diplomatic relations.