Doctor's impression when maintaining Paskibraka health

Doctor’s impression when maintaining Paskibraka health

Doctor’s impression when maintaining Paskibraka health

If you have an interesting experience, you will definitely save the moment in the best place. A moment that can sometimes make you smile and also sad without you knowing it. It’s the same as the impression of a doctor when maintaining Paskibraka’s health. no one would have thought that the people who joined the Paskibraka would give such an unexpected impression. Doctor’s impression when maintaining Paskibraka health

Logically, being a member of Paskibraka will certainly involve more practice and drain energy. Therefore it is not easy to be able to join and get into the team. Must do a lot of practice and remember all the tasks they will do later. Practice in a team, not just in one line.

Maintain health

There are many ranks that all of them must master. If it is successfully mastered, the new trainers will determine the Paskibraka position. all the time they have more practice and keep practicing. Helps to make a firm and strong attitude when facing pressure from the coach. It’s not easy to be a Paskibraka. Cdmgaleria

The doctors on duty in quarantine also don’t forget to inform the Paskibraka members to maintain their health. The health that they maintain is the pattern of sleeping, eating, and also fluids in the body. Practicing continuously but not filling with fluids in the body can make you dehydrated from fatigue.

Open practice hours

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Continuous practice makes many bodies tired and broken. To make everyone fit again, all members must also be able to set bedtime. don’t stay up too late because later it can make your body ache when you practice later. Maybe many think that becoming a Paskibraka only needs a few hours of practice.

This thinking is actually very wrong. Paskibraka really only makes everyone memorize the movements and steps. But they also have to be able to match the footwork. One movement can make them repeat again until they compact. In order to keep all members healthy, it turns out that the doctors who live in quarantine open practice hours.

Hours where all members can carry out checks regarding their physical and mental conditions. Do not forget to also provide vitamins to the members. Things that are often handled by doctors when members come to check are fatigue, dry throat, heat, and much more. Even though they often go to check all the health of the Paskibraka is very good.