Easy drawing for independence day

Easy drawing for independence day

Easy drawing for independence day

Easy drawings for independence day that children can use and imitate. For an expert, of course, there will be no difficulty when painting or drawing something unique. It takes a lot of time and reference in drawing. Drawing is also one of the interesting things in celebrating Independence Day.

Lots of schools and institutions hold drawing competitions for elementary, junior high, and high school levels on Independence Day. Each title on the image is completely free. The important point in the drawing is that there must be an element of independence. If there is a national drawing level, of course, there will be many experts and there is no need to doubt it again.

No need to be complicated

It’s different from the drawing-level competition for elementary school children who have to prepare a theme carefully at home. Almost all children will choose the type of image that is easy and not complicated. Hurry up to finish and can become the favorite champion. Of course, you as a jury can only judge a picture, not only from the shape of the picture but from the coloring. Cdmgaleria

There are so many types of images that can be imitated easily. The following pictures can be made for children, namely:

Hut Ri
Become one of the forging images that are easy to make and imitate. You don’t need to draw a lot of objects, just draw the inscription of independence while decorated with the Indonesian pride flag. In the picture that is most highlighted are the congratulations, the Indonesian flag, and the birthday numbers

On Independence Day the most important thing is the flag bearer. The Paskibraka saluted in front of the red and white flagpole. This can make for an interesting drawing theme

The easiest type of image and doesn’t need to take a lot of effort. Just draw a red and white flagpole accompanied by small flags beside it while wishing you a happy independence day.

Many colors
Even though it’s actually easy, it’s still a beautiful picture theme. Using simple pictures, give lots of beautiful colors in each picture.

the essence of the theme of the image//Beautiful