Facts about Chinese independence

Facts about Chinese Independence

Facts about Chinese Independence

When talking about independence, there will be lots of people making preparations to welcome Independence Day. The day when many people wait and see the cool actions of the officers. Did you know that China also celebrates independence very lively? Many lanterns decorate every street. Of all the activities it turns out there are facts about China’s independence.

A fact that might make you half surprised and unexpected. For those of you who have traveled to China or attended school there, you must have seen some of the exciting activities held by China. Every year the activities held are always different. Although different, there is one thing that is still the same, namely the Chinese flag ceremony.

Information about Independence Day

How happy it is to see the Chinese flag fluttering in the sky. For those of you who have never been there, you must be curious about the celebrations and any facts about China’s independence. Here is some information that you can find out: Cdmgaleria

National holiday

In China, there is such a thing as a week’s golden holiday. Which is when all Chinese citizens are on vacation from the first to the seventh of October. Long holidays make all citizens feel the day together with family. This is of course a great opportunity to gather with family and visit relatives.

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Celebrating fall day in 2020

Right in 2020 it turns out that the Chinese national day coincides with autumn. Rarely can it coincide with autumn. If it coincides with autumn, you will get an extra day or two off. If so, the number of national holidays will increase again.

Public open
Chinese citizens who want to watch the flag-raising ceremony can come to Tian Anmen Square. While on the field you will see how beautiful the square is decorated with various colors from flags and flag photos. To be able to watch the flag-raising event, try to arrive early so you can get a good spot to see the flag.

Share prizes
During national holidays many shops are closed. Some are closed until the holidays are over and some are starting to open after two or three days off. During the holidays there are usually lots of gifts ready to be distributed to family or closest relatives.