Fainted during ceremony

Fainted during ceremony

Fainted during ceremony

Fainting during ceremonies is something that many people often experience. When someone can’t stand the heat of the sun, it will make someone unable to stand up and faint. It’s not the only time I’ve seen someone faint. There have been several people who often fainted during the flag ceremony.

Every school will certainly start its morning by welcoming the red and white. Hold a ceremony every morning before starting lessons. But who would have thought that when someone was focused suddenly someone fainted? Most who often experience fainting are girls.

Anxious and disappointed

The morning sun that shines hot can certainly make someone who is not strong enough feel hot and dehydrated. Standing on a hot field for long enough can make one’s energy run out. Seeing this incident, of course, those who are strong in ceremonies feel anxious and disappointed. Cdmgaleria

Worried about the state of a friend who fainted and was disappointed when he was paying respects and the solemnity of the ceremony was stopped due to someone fainting. So that during the ceremony you don’t faint again, of course, you have to start maintaining your health and body balance. Most of the children who fainted from exhaustion or when they were in a fever position joined the ceremony.

Ask for permission

Most children are more forced into circumstances than maintaining the health of their bodies. For those of you who have an unfit body condition, you can not take part in the ceremony. Ask permission from the supervising teacher to rest in the UKS room. Of course, those of you who have never fainted will definitely feel stronger.

weakened body condition//ceremony

People who faint during ceremonies are not due to their physical weakness. It was just that they happened to have an unexpected faint. A face that is already pale and a head that is starting to get dizzy can also make someone faint easily. Just in case you don’t faint during the ceremony, you can try taking medicine before the ceremony begins.

Fainting can also occur in children who have not had breakfast. Hunger disturbs the state of the stomach so that it is not strong enough to hold it. Attacking the unfathomable pain and fainting.