Freedom from sexual violence

Freedom from sexual violence

Freedom from sexual violence

Freedom from sexual violence is something we should celebrate. So far, many people are worried about what is called sexual violence. Both women and men can be perpetrators of sexual violence. Of course, this can be spurred by some unexpected things.

Many people do not think that sexual violence can occur around them. Sexual violence can also make the victim feel insecure. Weakening the trust and mind of the victim and making the victim the one in the wrong. When they get the accusation it may be difficult to defend it.

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Cdmgaleria – To be able to do a defense that must be done is to look for concrete evidence. It may be very difficult to get evidence of sexual violence. So to be able to prove it only by doing a visa test. Sexual violence doesn’t just happen during sex. Sexual violence can also occur physically.

In the case of sexual violence, you will find it difficult to find the perpetrator if they are part of the victim’s family.If it is someone else who commits sexual violence, it will be easy to find the perpetrator. When sexual violence turns out to have a relationship like a lover or a husband and wife, everyone thinks that all these things are normal.

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Everyone always says that sexual violence can occur based on a person’s physicality. Whoever they are, they can also commit violence. Both men and women. If it is a man who is the victim, the listeners will not believe it. Many people blame all acts of violence perpetrated by men.

To gain freedom from sexual violence you must begin to understand each condition. If you see someone around you starting to commit violence, act immediately before the victim becomes afraid and can’t do anything about it. Sexual violence is not just an act. Violence also often occurs when someone uses words to hurt other people’s feelings.