Fruit parade

Fruit parade

Fruit parade novomatic

Fruit parade game developed by novomatic. Since the success of getting many gamers who like novomatic games. The team continues to develop the game into a popular game among gamers. Fruit parade a game that has a lot of dark colors invites gamers to fly to fresh and ripe fruits.

In every fruit game, of course we find some symbols that give great hope. A beautiful and bright symbol is a sign of the presence of a winning value. This time the novomatic team tried to make a game with a classic theme but there was no star symbol in the fruit parade game.

floating symbol

Cdmgaleria – Based on the title, the game theme that appears is only a few fruit symbols and several other signs. So the star will not enter the fruit parade game. Have 5 reels and 3 rows in the fruit parade game. When entering the game, gamers will find several types of balls with many purple colors.

From the theme, gamers will enter a plane where all the objects on the plane float. Entering an area that has no gravity will make any object in the plane will float. This is what makes many symbols float without the presence of stars.

Available symbols

Stars are rocks or planets that float in the sky. Because from a distance it looks small. But when approached, it turned out to be large in size and could not be brought into the plane. In this fruit parade game, gamers will be faced with a symbol payment value of 20 types of payments.

use a bubble//fly

There are so many types of fresh fruit that gamers can get and have such as lemons, oranges, cherries, grapes, watermelons and plums. For other types of symbols can be the number 7, and a bell. Each symbol that is present will form a winning value from left to right except for the scatter. It’s really surprising not to play a game while being able to feel the gravity in the plane.

Free spins

When you manage to get the same 3 or more symbols in the fruit parade game, you will get a high winning value. Scatter will also provide an opportunity for gamers to take home a high coin value. 3 scatters or more will give gamers a chance to get free spins.

In the free spin round model the screen will be filled with several clear bubbles that wrap around each symbol. The number of free spins that gamers will get is 4 free spins. Because being in the plane would be difficult to match the symbol. So you have to use like a helmet that gives oxygen so you don’t float in the plane.

Enjoy the game

Entering the galaxy will certainly give a very unexpected pleasure. Many types of fruit that gamers can get in the fruit parade game. Each managed to get a similar symbol can provide high value and coins for gamers. Come join to play the fruit parade game and win lots of prizes.

Every game that is a novomatic game comes with many types of buttons and directions to play it. Prepare real money to be able to play the fruit parade game and enter to play the game via the website. No need to download the game anymore, you can start playing right away.

Also enjoy the automatic game play to be able to speed up the process of getting value and win bringing home a lot of money. The game will end when you get a win or the game credit value runs out.