How China celebrates independence

How China celebrates independence

How China celebrates independence

The way the Chinese state celebrates independence really makes a lot of people happy. Historically, China has a national day on the first of October, two thousand and twenty-two. On National Day, many places put up red lanterns or lanterns as a sign of happiness.

The day all the people and citizens of China are waiting for – waiting for independence day. From such a long struggle, there are many ways to get the victory. To commemorate Victory Day, it’s not just about installing lanterns, there are several policies made for all Chinese citizens.

Banners and holidays

Cdmgaleria – For those of you who visit China, you can definitely see how beautiful every place is decorated with lanterns. Not only lanterns, there are several large companies that also put up a banner congratulating China’s Independence Day. Each of his writings makes people who read them enthusiastic and happy.

In addition, there is also such a thing as a national holiday. In the year thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, the government issued a national holiday and a seven-day holiday commemoration. Since then, right on Independence Day, all workers, students, and employers have had a holiday for seven days.

Drop into the field

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In China, there is also a military parade. In every independence day event, there must be a parade that celebrates the victory. There are many types of parades that display the strength and defense of the Chinese state. A parade which is a sign and proof that the Chinese state is strong. When asked whether there are activities to raise the flag in China?

So the answer is yes. Every year lots of people go to Tiananmen Square to see the Chinese national flag-raising event. Since the existence of a national holiday, many residents have flocked to be able to go to Tiananmen Square. Many residents are willing to come early in the morning to be able to see the process of raising the Chinese national flag.


There are many shows that you can see in China. In order to celebrate the victory, it turns out that there are many companies that are holding exciting activities. An activity held before and after the Independence Day event. When you get a long day off, of course, you will use it to go for a walk or go to a place to play. The most exciting thing is that every toll road in China is that there are no toll bills. Everything can pass easily. Only on Independence Day are free toll roads.