Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day

Hi – hi, I can’t believe the age of Indonesian independence is near. Yes, soon all of Indonesia, whether in cities, villages, or on the island or outside the island, will participate in celebrating Indonesia’s independence day. The days we remember the services of heroes and the day our first president announced the proclamation.

If we look at the past, of course, we also feel the suffering of the people who were colonized by some foreigners. For years, Indonesia had to carry out wars that never stopped making a lot of blood spilled to fight the invaders. The determination continued to burn their hearts until the fighters succeeded in making Indonesia independent.


Cdmgaleria – In the past the fighters tried to defend Indonesia and now we replace them with the fighters to build Indonesia until all countries know Indonesia. On August 17th, although we are no longer at war. Many people commemorate Independence Day by doing various types of games and interesting competitions.

Various types of competitions and awards can be obtained just before independence day. Interesting things can be found ahead of Independence Day. Because residents in each village will work together to do community service. It was so beautiful to see all the residents united in mutual cooperation.

Ready to celebrate seventeen

There is also something more interesting, namely the gate decoration at every entrance to the alley. The residents are also looking for creative ideas to make their village look beautiful and attractive. Various types of decorations can be found every time you enter the alley or village. Do not miss the types of competitions that are fun for children and adults.

Event seconds//contest

It’s really fun and fun, there are also some places holding evening events and snack markets. Very crowded and enjoying the atmosphere of independence night. At night 17 there are usually people who hold a gathering of residents and welcome each other on the bright day of independence while eating and cutting putting, of course, at every Kirakatan event in the residents’ village.

Independence night event

There is also a snack market event where every resident will welcome any guest and then enjoy a free meal from the host. Various types of mainstay menus from the host are ready to be served to visitors. The snack market was held to make the atmosphere of the village so crowded and not to be missed, there were also exciting games that visitors and residents could enjoy.

The night of the seventeenth became the most lively and bustling night. Even though August 17 was only one day, the residents did not stop enlivening the event, but as long as it was still August they could celebrate it with various exciting and challenging competitions. In every school also do not miss participating in celebrating August 17 with various interesting competitions.

The types of competitions on August 17 are as follows:

Tug of war
Group walk using bakyak
Eat crackers
Jump and run with a burlap sack
Hit the water with your eyes closed
And many more types of competitions – very interesting competitions you can follow.
There is also the biggest competition in which the youth participate in celebrating independence day such as the areca climbing competition. Prepare your group to climb the areca nut then set a strategy to be able to climb and win attractive prizes on the areca nut tree.

Areca nut trees made from strong banana trees. Greaseed with oil so that the participants had difficulty in taking the prizes that were on the betel nut tree.