Indonesian independence films that can be enjoyed

Indonesian independence films that can be enjoyed

Indonesian independence films that can be enjoyed

Indonesian independence films can be enjoyed and watched together. As the day draws near there will be lots of people getting ready for all the events they are holding. Not to be left behind, film owners also began to issue stories of Indonesia’s struggles. There are many types of films showing Indonesian independence.

The story of the heroes who died as a result of fighting the invaders was able to lift the spirits of the youths. Almost all television stations will try to show the independence film. Not only television stations, but several cinemas also added independent films. For those of you who only know the story of independence from history and books, of course, it won’t make you satisfied.

This can be through online media

Cdmgaleria – Then you can try watching independent films made by great actors and actresses. Times have changed and the new era has succeeded in giving a lot of sophistication to everyone. Online media also celebrates the victory by providing an independent film.

For those of you who are curious about the film, you can choose the title:

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Sukarno’s film

The film tells the life story of an Indonesian president. During the presidency, he grew into a young man who defended Indonesia and became the leader of all Indonesian people. Of course, for those of you who are curious about the life of the first president, you can watch a film called Soekarno.

Red and white

A film that tells the struggle of youth against the Dutch. In the story tells of young people who have thoughts and differences of opinion. Meet each other in the hostel. Even though it was difficult and full of bickering, this did not make the youths forget their duties. Protecting the Indonesian state with all efforts to fight for red and white.

Teacher Tjokroaminoto/Teacher of the Nation

Independence films that you can enjoy together with friends. The theme of this film, it tells of an activist who struggles against the invaders. The way to beat them is not easy. A Javanese youth who succeeded in establishing an Islamic union to defend Indonesia.


a film with the same title as an interesting novel. Hunt became a film with one of the themes of independence. The core of the story in this film tells of a captain who defends Indonesia returning home to hide from the enemy. In the pursuit, something unexpected happened. Finding a traitor among the family.