It was the first time a country recognized Indonesia's independence

It was the first time a country recognized Indonesia’s independence

It was the first time a country recognized Indonesia’s independence

The first time country that recognized Indonesia’s independence was a country from Egypt. No one would have thought that a developed country like Egypt would be the first country to recognize Indonesia’s independence. Egypt was the first country to recognize and also form a committee to defend Indonesia’s independence.

This is what made Indonesia able to stand up and bounce back from adversity. Not only that, in Egypt, it turns out that there are several students and diplomats living in Egypt. They get a lot of unexpected things from the country of Egypt. Apart from acknowledging Indonesia’s independence, Egypt also allows Indonesians who are in Egypt to celebrate the victory of the Indonesian state.

Celebrate Independence

Cdmgaleria – Feeling happy that the country they love is independent made several Indonesian youths sing the independence song through Egyptian radio. How happy they were when they learned about this independence. Don’t forget that Indonesian people in Egypt also go to the Muslim Syubbanul Center.

Syubbanul Muslim held an art performance full of happiness. Maybe many don’t think that the people celebrating Indonesia’s independence are young people in Egypt. They showed that Indonesia got along with the Egyptians. Mutual respect and appreciation are all that exist.


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When the Egyptian state recognized Indonesia’s independence, suddenly several countries also recognized Indonesia’s independence. A warm welcome from other countries made Indonesia get many different greetings from each country. Did you know that Indonesia has sent several envoys to thank Egypt?

The first envoys to Egypt for the first time were:

Mr. Kelvin
Mr. Abdul Kerim
DR Sudarsono
And Agoes Salim

Agoes Salim is an official delegation that comes with several Indonesian confidants. Agoes Salim is also the deputy foreign minister who has twice made delegations to Egypt. The aim of the Egyptian state to defend and assist is not only for the Egyptian state itself. But for all countries. Prevent fighting and build trust to protect each other and apart from the side of colonialism.