List of Indonesian independence songs

List of Indonesian independence songs

List of Indonesian independence songs

The list of songs for Indonesian independence can be said to be very large. Many Indonesian musicians continue to develop the national anthem. Every day on Indonesia’s independence day, many people play the Indonesian national anthem. The song became an encouragement for the nation in fighting the invaders.

National songs that managed to raise the spirit of the people. Capable of resurrecting great musicians. There are several musicians who make an independent songs. The song looks different from the national anthem but has the same meaning. Of course, many of you who were born in the 90s have heard of the independence song with a different version.

Some of the musicians who made the independence song are:

Chocolate – flag [ Cdmgaleria ]

band Cokelat is a band that performs a song called flag. a song that was created by members of shiela on 7.

there are many songs from great musicians//welcome

NTRL – eagle on my chest

For football movie lovers, of course, you’ve heard the song garuda in my chest. An encouraging song sung by NTRL or commonly called a neutral group.

Gombloh – kebyar-kebyar

In 1979 created the song kebyar-kebyar. Even though they have been involved for a long time there are many people who still sing kebyar songs. Often sung by many people, the kebyar song became a popular song.

Pee Wee Gaskins – from the eyes of the eagle

The song of the Garuda’s eyes became a song of encouragement for many people. For those of you who watch football, of course, you often hear the song of the Garuda’s eyes.

God bless – Our home

Many young and old are familiar with our house song. A song that reminds us of the struggle to seize the Indonesian nation from the invaders. Only on Independence Day you can listen to this song.

The songs they released are very good and cool. It really inspires us a lot and keeps us growing. Even though it looks like it’s been a long time the song and the lyrics are still good to hear. It’s no wonder that nowadays we can still hear Indonesian songs of encouragement.