Monday ceremony

Monday ceremony

Monday ceremony

The Monday ceremony is one of the obligations and obligations of all schools. Almost every Monday, all teachers and students take the time in the morning to carry out ceremonial activities. Monday is a day that is sometimes scary for students who are late for school. Sometimes when you are about to perform a ceremony without you noticing that one of your members is missing.

Lots of children often wake up late or leave late on Monday. Children who are late actually mostly get punishment from the teachers. Of course, many students always ask why they have to do the ceremony on Monday. Can’t it be another day?

It’s been around for a long time

Cdmgaleria – A question that maybe some people don’t know the reason for. The Monday ceremony is a sign that you start your day after the holidays. A ceremony that can help increase enthusiasm for going to school again. There might be some students who find the ceremony unpleasant.

However, the decision to hold the ceremony on Monday has been around for a long time. So that the whole school just implements it. Try to imagine if you held the ceremony on another day, would you still have more enthusiasm? Of course not even going to forget the ceremony. So that’s the reason why the ceremony is held on Monday.

take time for the ceremony//give respect

awaited day

Did you know that Monday ceremonies existed in ancient times? The era after Indonesia’s independence. Commemorating and encouraging the heroes who have defended Indonesia. Ceremonies also help you enjoy the day and take responsibility for the time you spend. Teach children on time and do not underestimate the ceremony.

Monday is a day full of joy in starting everything from scratch. A day that starts to cheer you up after you meet a holiday or Sunday. But there were some people who disagreed and tried to propose the ceremony on another day. Doing the initial activities can make it easy for you to remember the day of the ceremony. As for other days, it can make many people forget and not perform the ceremony.