Online competition during independence

Online competition during the independence

Online competition during the independence

You can try online competitions during independence in online games. Indonesia has experienced a sad period. Since the pandemic came, many activities have not been managed properly. Of course, this left many people speechless. Right during the pandemic, Indonesia entered its 76th independence day.

Hearing the word independence, of course, many people immediately welcome independence day. Prepare various types of competitions and independence activities. But who would have thought that this unfinished pandemic would make independence activities impossible? Can not feel the competitions – competitions and other activities.

Independence contest

Cdmgaleria – Even though it’s still a pandemic, there are some who carry out the independence movement using the online system. There are several types of competitions that are held online by several parties. Even though they can’t meet their opponents and friends, they can still carry out the independence contest through the online system.

Of course, you are curious about the types of competitions that are held online. Here are the names of the competitions.

Writing contest

take part in the independence contest//online contest

Those who like to write, will definitely not experience difficulties when participating in this competition. The types of writing competitions presented are writing poetry, writing scientific papers, writing articles, and many more types.


Prepare some interesting photos that you have. Because the theme of this photo is related to independence. Then you have to display a photo of independence. A photo that can convey feelings and stories in welcoming independence.


Make videos that are as interesting as possible and as funny as possible. Lots of people like videos. In fact, they also took part in making several types of interesting and funny videos.
Draw posters
Create cool and awesome poster themes. Since this is celebrating independence, you can make some cool posters related to independence.


Participate in several types of questions asked by the committee. A competition that will show how far your ability to remember and what the answer is. A quiz contest with the theme of independence is ready to find a winner in this game. let’s answer the question and win the prize.