Paskibraka who are not united will be punished

Paskibraka who is not united will be punished

Paskibraka who is not united will be punished

Paskibraka who is not compact will be punished by several coaches. A marching army formed in a group with different regions and areas. Many think that to become a Paskibraka, you have to prepare metal and a heart. The training they gave was very hard and strict. Paskibraka who is not united will be punished

Living together and experiencing the ups and downs as a Paskibraka troop will certainly make it easier for you to make friends and be friends with them. To be Paskibraka, you have to be ready and strong. Have a strong mentality in doing some exercises. In each activity, the troops will gather and carry out training sessions based on predetermined positions.


Many think that in the Paskibraka training, everything will go smoothly. In addition to the exercises that children can get, they will also get punishment if they make the wrong move. A punishment that can make children become disciplined. Even being a little late is already subject to several penalties, especially if someone makes the wrong move. Cdmgaleria

During the training, there will be several trainers watching every movement of the children. Supervision is so strict that when appearing later there will be no mistakes. Punishment is often in the form of push ups.

Helps lift spirits

For Paskibraka children receiving punishment from the coach can help raise their spirits and start learning independently. A punishment that should be for one child becomes many children who live it. Have a high sense of solidarity with others.

keep practicing and sticking together//punishment

It’s funny when serving a sentence together. Doing it together can help relieve fatigue in the body and mind. Even the punished Paskibraka children will not forget this exciting memory. A memory they can tell back to their children and grandchildren.

A hard struggle in forming lines and compactness that almost made them feel the punishment together they will keep in fond memories. A punishment that is not too severe will make the child repeat the mistake so the coach only orders the Paskibraka children to do push-ups.
With this punishment, children can introspect themselves and continue to make improvements in every movement and consolidate every step they will go through.