Paskibraka salary and bonuses

Paskibraka’s salary and bonuses

Paskibraka’s salary and bonuses

Paskibraka’s salaries and bonuses turned out to have a high value. For those of you who want to be like the Paskibraka who gets a large salary and bonus, you can join a team from the Merdeka Palace. Many ordinary people don’t know that Paskibraka is not just a marching troop.

Troops that turned out to get paid quite high. Surely you don’t believe it, do you? if Paskibraka gets a high payout along with the bonus. Almost everyone wants to become a Paskibraka. Troops that carry the name and pride of the country. Almost everyone is ready to compete healthily to be able to become a member of Paskibraka.

Interesting thing

Cdmgaleria – It’s not easy to become a Paskibraka member. Requires hard work and serious training to get in. The selection is very strict and the training that never stops is a challenge for all Paskibraka participants. Of all the members in the spotlight are the members who carry the flag.

The troops in charge of raising the flag and lowering the flag are the core troops. Successfully becoming a Paskibraka member creates new opportunities for members. There are several things that are most interesting when successfully becoming a member, namely:
Get offers from members of the police or military academy
Receive pocket money
Get holiday facilities based on the level

Almost everything

get savings//appointed

All these offers may be like a dream for everyone. No need to bother registering, you can register easily.

Not only in one place are Paskibraka prepared. Almost all regions from provinces, districts, cities, and nationally also prepare troops to raise the red and white flag. There is some news that says joining Paskibraka can make things easier.


You can enter the academy you want without having to bother and wait a long time. Paskibraka also gets a salary while still a member. Either in the area or in the city, Paskibraka members get savings. Besides that, there is also the opportunity to go on vacation to the place you want.