Regarding the commemoration of Indonesian independence

Regarding the commemoration of Indonesian independence

Regarding the commemoration of Indonesian independence

There are some facts that are not known by many people. Regarding the commemoration of Indonesian independence, it turns out that there are some signs of habits that we live by but are not known by some people. For ordinary people of course they are not aware of it. On Indonesia’s independence day, it turned out that there were several things were carried out quietly and peacefully.

Since the pandemic, the atmosphere of Independence Day is very different from the previous year’s Independence Day. There is no flag ceremony during the pandemic. Even though it’s a pandemic, residents who can’t enjoy Independence Day can still commemorate it with gratitude.

Unhappy ceremony

Cdmgaleria – Exactly in 2020 the 75th year of Indonesia’s independence day was given the title of advanced Indonesian independence. Which aims to develop again and unite in fighting the pandemic. Maintain the unity and unity of the nation in facing every problem. Even though there is a pandemic, you cannot hold a large-scale and luxurious ceremonial process. You can make an independence ceremony with a small amount and simple.

As experienced by the president and several ministers who celebrated Independence Day with this small and simple process, were able to finish it calmly. raising the flag does not require many people, it is enough that only the morning and evening flag bearers participate.


remembering the heroes//fluttering

Even though we can’t gather and perform, we can do it through online media. The event of raising and lowering the flag is all shared through online media. Some additional regulations during a pandemic Not allowed to leave the house during the pandemic.

Not allowed to work idle within 3 minutes when the siren is on. Since there was pandemic, there is no such thing as a carnival or a traveling parade. Not allowed to see each other and only at home. There is no winning race. As a result of the pandemic, activities to commemorate independence are lacking and tasteless.

Competition through the media

This makes some people give pretty good ideas to residents. Even though he couldn’t take part in several competitions from the residents. You can take part in the competition via social media. Held various competitions. Virtual audio that holds competitions directly through the media.