Relive the independence celebrations in the 80s

Relive the independence celebrations in the 80s

Relive the independence celebrations in the 80s

Reminiscing the independence celebrations in the 80s. After all this time finally, Indonesia became independent. This short struggle succeeded in producing sweet and happy results. Every feeling of fear continues to haunt them making them hide even more from the invaders. Relive the independence celebrations in the 80s

Given how difficult it was to win independence, many people cheered at the news of Indonesia’s victory. This is what makes many of the residents make several small events in welcoming Independence Day. There are all kinds of fun and interesting activities in the eighties.


Cdmgaleria – Every time independence approaches, the residents immediately gather several young people and parents in welcoming independence. A month before independence every gate from the alley will be in funny shapes. Giving a theme at each event. Not only give decorations but also make snacks.

Right on Independence Day, every team that has been formed makes some interesting appearances. Seeing their unique form makes many people come to watch them. The streets became crowded and crowded with many spectators. Apart from that, in every alley or village, there will be a joint meal on independence night.

go to people’s houses //parade show

Preamble and prayer

An event filled with encouragement and also prayers regarding the days of independence. Do not forget that the yellow rice cone is also presented at the joint meal. Without safety and prayers to commemorate independence day. Of course, those of you who were born in the eighties are very happy and happy.

Can enjoy the performances that are served by each village. There is also a free meal event or more famously the snack market. Each host will welcome the guest by giving the guest their favorite food.. Adults who live there, of course, are very happy to be able to receive guests and welcome guests.

Hold a contest

High enthusiasm in commemorating Independence Day. The young people make the event exciting and fun by Holding the race on seventeen August. There are many types of competitions that you can take part in. From competitions for children to adults.