Requirements to become a paskibraka

Requirements to Become a Paskibraka

Requirements to Become a Paskibraka

Paskibraka is what all children want when they want to visit and meet important officials at the Merdeka Palace. Almost all children really want to be cool Paskibraka. It seems not easy to become a Paskibraka if you yourself are not confident.

For those of you who are still in school, of course, you can easily get the opportunity to become a Paskibraka. Prepare everything you know about Paskibraka. It’s not easy to get into the Paskibraka team. Each school or province usually only chooses one of the thousands of students in the school to become a Paskibraka member.

To prepare yourself, of course, you also have to meet several requirements to become a Paskibraka. Surely you can’t wait to find out what conditions you must meet, namely:

Knowledge test

To become a Paskibraka, of course, you have to know some knowledge about marching activities. The judges will look at your body movements and the way you line up. If the results are satisfactory, you may become one of the participants who pass. Apart from knowledge about ranks, there is also general knowledge that you must master while taking this test. Cdmgaleria


good looks and posture//ceremony

Paskibraka does not accept just anyone. Even if that person is smart and highly knowledgeable but has a weak physique, that doesn’t make you acceptable. Paskibraka members must be strong with no history of severe illness and abnormalities in the body. This is done so that while undergoing quarantine nothing bad happens.


Besides being healthy, of course, you have to have an ideal body weight. Physically strong may not necessarily get you selected. There are several physical tests that you have to undergo from a CT scan of the whole body that can make the committee decide if you can enter or not. If something doesn’t fit and doesn’t fit, you have to be prepared to be rejected or fall in the election of members.

Question and answer
Just like a worker who is looking for a job will do an interview test. Likewise, to become a Paskibraka candidate, one must be able to answer questions honestly. Every answer you issue must be quick and bold. If you answer haltingly, you will be eliminated from the Paskibraka candidates.