Simple independence day poster from canva

Simple independence day poster from canvas

Simple independence day poster from canvas

You can try making a simple independent poster from Canva without having to be complicated. Having the ability to make images, of course, you really want to create an interesting and unique image. On the eve of Independence Day, there are lots of places that hold competitions. Simple independence day poster from canvas

He made a competition to celebrate Independence Day. There are many types of competitions. One of them is drawing and making posters. Many people take pictures with image media. To be able to make a poster for the competition, of course, you have to follow all the rules.

Test Creativity

Every Independence Day, the inspirations keep trying to find interesting contest themes. Finding talented children in the field of social media. Almost all of you know that social media is now the media most liked by children. This made the organizer of the competition come up with an idea for the competition. Cdmgaleria

Testing children’s creativity by holding a poster-making contest. A competition that requires children to tinker with pictures via social media. You can make an independent poster with Canva using a few easy and simple steps. No need to be difficult – difficult simple design can be for children – children.

So that children don’t have any difficulties, here are some steps to make posters, namely:

make a poster image for the competition//celebrate
  • For those of you who don’t have the Canva application, you can download it first
  • You can also open the Canva application using a browser
  • Select the text for the design
  • Choose a poster or you can choose the type of image size you want
  • After that select the base color in the image
  • Enter clipart elements
  • Create text or image titles based on independence
  • After writing, specify the independence logo
  • You can choose from several internet sites
  • Write down some of the words you want
  • After finishing writing, you can save the data
  • The data is stored and you can download and share
  • Thus the poster was made

Now with the method above, children can start opening and making posters easily.