The benefits of joining paskibraka

The benefits of joining paskibraka

The benefits of joining paskibraka

The benefits of joining Paskibraka are many. Many people think that joining Paskibraka will lose a lot of valuable time. But did you know that actually joining Paskibraka will provide many useful benefits for everyone? The earnestness and hard training they got made many people admire them and be proud.

Every exercise they prepare requires solid concentration and cooperation. Living together with the same colleagues in the quarantine area will certainly make all the troops have enthusiasm in every movement they practice. Maybe for others, it looks normal.

But did you know that joining Paskibraka can make you act responsibly and disciplined? There are many benefits that you can get such as:

Be disciplined

When becoming a Paskibraka, of course, you must be trained strictly. With firm training and a busy schedule, all Paskibraka members become disciplined. Not late and on time. Cdmgaleria


When you are at home, of course, you can do all things without having to think about time. It’s different when you join Paskibraka, you have to prepare at the right time so you’re not late. Setting the right time can make you a conscientious and meticulous person.

firm character and strong discipline//proud


Compactness is one of the keys to the success of the Paskibraka. Practice with friends and form a solid line with the team. Continuous practice can make you compact in every movement. This will lift the team’s enthusiasm and make the movements more compact than the previous exercise.


When discussing the word love, of course, people will think of a love story. A word of love prepared for the beloved country of the Indonesian nation. Every time you hear the independence song, your heart will blaze, feeling a higher spirit. Make you more in love with Indonesia.

I’m grateful
Do you know that being a Paskibraka member is not easy? In order to become a Paskibraka, you have to do several training sessions and also meet certain conditions. Holding the red and white flag and taking part in raising the flag at the presidential palace. Successfully becoming a member of Paskibraka makes members feel grateful and full of happiness.