Things that have not been revealed during Indonesia's independence day

Things that have not been revealed during Indonesia’s independence day

Things that have not been revealed during Indonesia’s independence day

Things that have not been revealed on Indonesia’s independence day can make you not believe it. As you all know, the Indonesian state celebrates independence on the seventeenth of August thousand nine hundred and forty-five. The day became an important moment in fighting for the Indonesian nation.

Each of his stories always succeeds in making many people touched by the struggles of the heroes. Many children today are grateful for the greatness of the ancient people. Those who are willing to sacrifice all their lives to protect the Indonesian people from the invaders.

Unknown Story

Cdmgaleria – Did you know that during the face of Indonesian independence there were several stories that were not told to everyone? A story that is rarely known by many people. Of course, many are curious, right? A story that is not told but kept in the hearts of warriors, namely:

Been wasted

When you see the president reading out the letter of independence, of course, the hearts of your fighters are happy and happy. But have you ever known that behind the story of the text there are many stories? When reading the president using the original text. There was a journalist who apparently found the text found in a barrel. It turned out that when writing the statement letter, Sayuti Melik was typing it. Finished writing the letter and signed it by the president. Succeeded in making old writings discarded and presenting new letters. A journalist who keeps a letter. Submit letters when conditions are better.

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Reading sick

Who would have thought that the Indonesian president who read the independence text was actually sick? Even though he was still sick, the Indonesian president stood up and stepped forward to the front row, reading the letter of independence aloud.

Asking to cancel

Many did not expect that at the peak of Indonesian independence, several Japanese troops visited it. The youths prevented the Japanese troops from entering. Go without a fight.

Hidden photos

Unforgettable moment. Capture it using photos. This also made the 2 young men who managed to get the photo immediately hide the photo. There are three photos they got just before Independence Day.

Independence news on RRI

Time declared Indonesia’s independence, and only a few people and witnesses heard about it. Of course, you know that during the colonial era all systems were not as sophisticated as they are today. To be able to spread the news, of course, you can only through Radio Republik Indonesia [RRi]. Broadcasting the news was not easy. The radio, which was still in the hands of the enemy, prevented all news of independence from getting through.
Even so, this does not make it unyielding. A young man trying to use a wire channel to broadcast the news of independence. Hearing the news, another young man managed to get RRi and broadcast independence.