Unexpected things on 17 august 2022

Unexpected things on 17 august 2022

Unexpected things on 17 august 2022

Exactly on August 17, 2022, is the most important moment for the Indonesian people. The day became the independence day of the Indonesian nation. To commemorate independence day, of course, almost all of Indonesia held a red and white flag ceremony. Not only did the ceremony, but many residents also celebrated it by doing some interesting competitions.

The seventeen race was followed by almost everyone. How happy we can pay tribute to the red and white. Before the August 17, 2022 ceremony begins, there will be several members who practice carrying red and white flags. The exercise, which did not take long, became a momentum to raise the flag to the pole and fly for independence.

Manually flown

Cdmgaleria – There are many unexpected things when the red and white flag is about to go bananas. One of them from solo. In Solo, the ceremony which was so calm has now turned into panic and made many flag bearers afraid, how not to be afraid if the rope to pull the flag now comes loose and makes the flag bearer scared?

However, the red and white flag was still flown manually by the flag bearer, not forgetting to also accompany the Indonesian national anthem. The mayor of Solo also said sorry for not being able to make the flag fly above the flagpole. However, the mayor of Solo said that this matter would soon be corrected and he would still carry out the flag-lowering ceremony.

giving encouragement//raise the flag

Giving encouragement

The mayor of solo came down and mingled with the Paskibraka troops to cheer them up and relieve their nervousness. This unexpected action was not only once but there were several actions that also made the flag unable to fly such as the following action:
stuck rope
The rope comes off the flagpole
Straps snagged and much more

Even during the flag-raising ceremony, something unexpected happened. There are still Indonesian people who immediately approach and raise Back to the highest pole. The flag fluttering and pulling on the mast managed to make many people proud and happy.